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Motivation // Breathing // Movement



"My process of hand holding and incremental growth is about making myself available when times are tough and hard to deal with alone"
Grant Harrison


My passion for helping others was born out of my own personal struggles. My physical health deteriorated due to a loss of kidney function and the onset of gout in my late teens. Beyond my teens, the pressures of mental health and insecurities lead to losing my business, my wife, all my financial stability and my best friend - all in one year! Since then, I’ve restructured my life and created a more efficient thought process.


In my search for tools to help myself and others, I studied to become a life coach. Along the way, I have immersed myself in many areas of physical and mental health - primal nutrition, sleep, natural movement and breathing techniques - as I have found they all help shape our mind and thought processes.

Today, this profound experience helps me guide others to achieve a positive outcome through the difficulties of daily life. My process of hand holding and incremental growth is about making myself available when times are tough and hard to deal with alone.


My other life and work experiences over the past 20 years are built on my love of playing sports and working in the woodworking industry as a tradesman, and in the restaurant industry as a bartender, sales manager and owner.


You may also find me out climbing, camping, playing and listening to music, filming a podcast or hanging with friends & family.


This is me, this is my passion!


Below you will find my services with basic descriptions & benefits. If you would like further information on the courses please contact me on the contact page below.

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1 - ON - 1 SESSION

Personalised guidance and motivation

A personalized guidance using tools and techniques as a counselling practitioner, together, we will explore your current life experiences and develop a motivational framework to living life the way you always wanted to.

The goal of this process is to guide clients through challenging life stages and providing the tools needed to implement lasting change through self awareness and reflection.

1 on 1: kr. 750,- per hour (75 mins)

Couple: kr, 900,- (75 mins)


*All consultations also available online using Zoom or Skype

during corona restrictions





Primal Health Course

1 - on -1


Group sessions

Primal Health Coach Certified Badge02_Pl

Physical tolerance & stress management

Nutrition, Sleep and movement

Focus, breathing & cold submersion will help you develop a physical tolerance and resilience while finding peace within yourself. This course focuses on listening to your body through the stress of cold submersion.

Beginners course min 5 people

workshop including theory, breathing techniques & cold submersion

approximately 4 hour

Price: kr. 990,-


My primal health course for both the individual or group session is about well rounded health.

In this course you will learn how to manage your nutritional habits, sleep patterns and also how to train effectively for your lifestyle.





1 - on - 1 Introduction course

approx 3 hours

Price: kr. 790,-

Introduction group workshop

in collaboration with Andreas Dønåsen

Min 10 people

Price: kr. 990,- per person

My course will include

  • Food prep and planning

  • Tips for better sleep

  • How to train efficiently

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Time management / Peace in chaos

Organising your day can be very stressful. This workshop will help you improve your quality of life by reducing your daily stress through effective time management

1 - on - 1 Session: kr. 750,- per hour (60 mins)



When you sit down with Grant you immediately sense his genuine interest in getting to know you and your "thing", whether it be a business idea, health complaint or relationship struggle. This comes from a place of curiosity for the human mind and a wish to help people. In recent years, Grant has dedicated himself to gain further insight and training within coaching, motivation, exercise, nutrition, breathing techniques and cold exposure. This broad knowledge and training qualifies him to take on most projects, both on a an individual and group level/business level. However, what makes him stand out in the mass of coaches and therapists is his life story. This is a "yes-man" who always meets the world and people with an open heart. If you decide to work with Grant you will get a hard working, honest and genuine coach with the ability to activate your deepest and strongest motivation.

Andreas Dønåsen - Physiotherapist, lifestyle adviser and entrepreneur.

"You have helped me calm my brain down a bit and learn how to reflect and organise my life"

“Try, and if you fail, I got your back”... The support in this little quote by Grant gave me the confidence and clarity to start changing how I was thinking.

Kenneth, 33

For the past two years, the youth department at NAV Falkenborg has collaborated with Jacobsen and Svart on work training / work for young people who have been outside the labor market. Through his position as general manager, Grant has been a key figure in the development of this collaboration. The young people have had some major challenges when it comes to intoxication and mental health, and Grant has had a distinct focus on providing resources to manage these issues. The principles of inclusion and equality have been clear in his role as leader. He has adapted the training to the individual, and allowed them to develop at a pace they themselves have been comfortable with. At the same time, he has always been concerned with progression. In this way, he has facilitated both personal and professional development in the individual.

Erik Solbu - NAV Youth department

​You’ve helped me find more peace in conflict, to not see it as innately harmful or something finite. You’ve taught me how not to be afraid of it. 

Thanks to you, I can now see that I have almost infiinite potential - I am not defined by my emotions and my past, I could be who I decide I want to be. But whether I can act on that, I don't know. 

Cecilia, 45



Trondheim, Norway

+47 45 29 06 71

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